Dilijan is a city that changes your worldview

It’s simply breathtaking! This phrase accurately describes the picturesque mountain landscapes that welcome guests of Dilijan on the famous Dilijan serpentine road. Within the very first seconds, once you get to the city, it becomes clear that there is something elusive and magical about this place. Time won’t fly from now on. There is no rush, and you can finally think about eternal values.

Welcome to Dilijan! It’s a small Armenian city surrounded by scrubby forests and majestic mountains with snow-capped peaks, covered with a mysterious veil of fog. Welcome to a city that will surprise you with its narrow medieval streets, rich history dating back to the Bronze Age, traditional crafts, art, delicious cuisine to suit any taste, colorful and fashionable establishments, and, of course, well-known Armenian hospitality.

A city that has a lot to say and surprise, a place where you want to return to over and over again. A city that changes your worldview!

‘Embraced’ by the National Park’s forests. A general characteristic of Dilijan

Dilijan is located in the north of Armenia, in the valley of the Aghstev River. The city is located about 96 km from Yerevan and, according to the administrative subdivision of the Republic, is part of the Tavush region, in which most of the forest wealth of Armenia is concentrated.

Having gone through a whirlpool of turbulent historical events, the borders and names of the area changed more than once. Dilijan retained its ethnocultural identity, by becoming one of the most interesting and promising cities of modern and independent Armenia.

 Dilijan is an important cultural, historical, strategic, and logistic hub for Armenia, where the roads connecting the largest cities of the Tavush, Lori, and Gegharkunik regions intersect. (link to the main article about the history of Dilijan)

There are several versions regarding the origin of the city's name. The locals and guests of the city loved the legend about a young man named Dilijan, who was in love with the prince's daughter, for which he forfeited his own life. The girl's father didn’t want her to marry a simple shepherd and ordered the murder of the young man. For days on end, the mother would search for her son in the forests of Dilijan and call him “Dili jan!”, “Dili jan”.

But there is also a historical and more scientific version of the origin of the city's name, which is associated with an Armenian prince named Dilijan (dating back to the 16th century). The etymology of the toponym is also associated with the settlement of Puchur Dili (small Dili), which was mentioned in the 13th century. (hyperlink to the article Legends of Dilijan)

Dilijan is the natural and ecological heritage of the Republic of Armenia, as it is surrounded by the forests of the Dilijan National Park (the Dilijan Reserve). (hyperlink to the article about Dilijan National Park).

Unlike most high-mountainous Armenian regions, where a sharply continental climate dominates, Dilijan is located in a temperate, mild climate zone.

The average air temperature is +8.3°C
in July +18°С
in January 0-2°С

Due to natural resources and favorable climatic conditions, Dilijan has long been known as one of Armenia's most popular resort cities.

  • Area - 43 square kilometers
  • Elevation – 1100-1510 m
  • Distance to Yerevan – about 96 km
  • Distance to Ijevan - about 40 km
  • Permanent population - 26 455 people*

In 2016 Dilijan's borders expanded. As part of the program targeted at enlarging the settlements of Armenia, the Dilijan community includes the city of Dilijan, and the villages of Teghout, Gosh, Haghartsin, Aghavnavank, Hovk, and Khachardzan.

What are the wonders of modern Dilijan?

Modern Dilijan will please fans of both active and passive leisure. The city and its surroundings are perfect for hiking and horseback riding. Jeeping (off-road driving) and hiking are actively developing here, special trails and hiking routes are being laid. In the city’s central park the longest rope park in Armenia “Verev“ is situated. (hyperlink to the article about outdoor activities in Dilijan and the article about Verev park).

For those who are tired of the city bustle and want to completely recharge their batteries or improve their health (both physical and mental), Dilijan is undoubtedly an ideal option. Here you can practice yoga and meditation, creativity, and try the famous tea from local healing herbs. The mountain landscapes, forests, clean air, cozy, conceptual cafes, and guest houses will help you truly relax and unwind.

In recent years the restaurant business and the gastronomy industry have been actively developing in Dilijan. The number of conceptual restaurants and cafes is growing, and they have a high rating on many tourist websites. Dilijan restaurants offer both local and international cuisine. (hyperlink to the article on Dilijan restaurants)

Those who crave spiritual food can come into contact with the city's thousand-year-old cultural traditions. Dilijan has long been considered a city of traditional crafts, here you can join master classes with real “varpets” (masters). And in the Dilijan Local Lore Museum, and Art Gallery, get acquainted with the history of the city and the paintings of Aivazovsky, Saryan, Shishkin, Minas, and other famous artists. (hyperlink to the article about the museum, hyperlink to the article Sharambeyan street) In the communities of Gosh and Haghartsin, some of the most famous sights not only in the region but also in Armenia are situated. The medieval monastic complexes of Haghartsin and Goshavank are among them. (hyperlink to the article on the Monasteries of Dilijan)

Dilijan is a resort city, which is not shiny and doesn’t have the pace of big cities. It has its own, calm and unique charm. And, it goes without saying that Dilijan is anything but a gray, old-fashioned city where you can get bored. The opening of the international school UWC Dilijan attracted young people from all over the world to the city, which also influenced the overall activity of the city. Here you can find a research center of the Central Bank of Armenia, the TUMO Center for Creative Technologies, and the AYB school. (hyperlinks to UWC, TUMO, central bank).

Over the past few years, Dilijan has literally become a magnet for creative young people and business projects. The city constantly hosts interesting meetings, master classes, events, and recently major festivals and concerts.

But most importantly, Dilijan is home to very interesting, responsive, and creative people. Indeed, even in Soviet times, Dilijan was considered a city of creative intelligentsia. World-famous composers like Dmitry Shostakovich, Aram Khachaturian, Benjamin Britten, artists like Martiros Saryan, Rockwell Kent, and many other eminent writers, directors, actors, and musicians rested here. (hyperlink to Notables of Dilijan, hyperlink to Soviet Dilijan, hyperlink to Interesting Facts about Dilijan)

Today, we can surely say that Dilijan has got a second wind and can become the main tourist center of the country.

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