Tourist Information Center: choose your route

Address — Dilijan, Maxim Gorky str. 15/2,
email — [email protected],
phone — +374 94 399336
social network — инстаграм  facebook

In the central city park of Dilijan, you can find the Tourist Information Center (TIC), which will provide comprehensive information about tourist activities in the city and its surrounding areas. The center's staff will help you choose a hotel, tour, and guide. You can also pick the type of vacation that you prefer.

At TIC, you can also book GoToDili services, as well as find out information about the project's products.

On the second floor of the Tourist Information Center, there is also a co-working space, which is a workspace for freelancers.

The work of the Center comprises:

  • providing tourist information about the area,
  • booking services,
  • guide services,
  • bicycles for rent,
  • rental of tents and other equipment,
  • development and sale of travel packages,
  • co-working environment for freelancers.

TIC also has a small souvenir shop, as well as a mini-library with books about the city and its surroundings. At TIC one can take maps, guidebooks, and tourist brochures (in Armenian, English, and Russian) about Dilijan and the Tavush region.

The Tourist Information Center opened its doors on August 17, 2018 (with the support of the European Union and the IDEA Foundation) and is an integral part of the Dilijan city park ecosystem.

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