The Museum-Workshop of Ashot Babayan

Address — Dilijan, 28 Myasnikyan str.,
email — [email protected],
phone — +374 94 270482

A real wooden fairy tale, which turned into reality thanks to the skillful hands of master Ashot Babayan. He was born and raised in Dilijan, in this very house. The turning point in the master’s life was the birth of his grandson, after that he first picked up a tree and began to create. It is almost impossible to count the number of exhibits. Here you can find Danko's heart, and Genie's lamp, and hundreds of other bizarre works. According to the master, each work carries its unique message, he does everything for a reason.

Here you can also find Vasilisa's house with a magic arch, which has turned into a true landmark of the city. For those who haven’t yet found a life partner, Ashot recommends walking under this arch and making a wish. It will surely come true if you sincerely believe in it. 

Entrance to the workshop is free. Ashot believes that people relax in this place and can wander here for hours. After all, the atmosphere here is unique.

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