Where is Dilijan located?
Dilijan is a city located at an altitude of 1100-1300 meters above sea level in the Tavush region in northeastern Armenia.
What is the city like?

This city is known for its nature reserve — one of the largest in the South Caucasus. The Dilijan National Park is rich in flora and fauna, mountain lakes and healing mineral springs. Dilijan is a resort city with moderately cool summers and sunny warm winters. In Soviet times,  sanatoriums and rest/ guest houses were located here, as well as the Union of composers and the creative house of cinematographers, which were platforms for spending time and developing the ideas of many cultural figures of Armenia. Now Dilijan is at the peak of its development, a number of infrastructure projects are being implemented in the city, such City Park Renovation parkMountain TerracesRock, All-Season ClimbingComplex and Family Café, Eco Toon и and many others. According to official statistics, 17 thousand people live in Dilijan and surrounding villages. There are high-rise buildings, but mostly the private houses and cooperatives prevail.

How to get to Dilijan?


  • by taxi, the trip is about an hour and a half, the cost is about 13,000 drams;
  • book a seat in the car in the gettaxi app (shuttle service), the price is 1600 AMD. You can choose the day and time of departure from the available list; cars are parked next to the Matenadaran;
  • by minibus No. 654 from the Northern Bus Station (Sevanskoe highway, 1) for an hour and 45 minutes, the price is 1000 AMD, contact number: +37410621670;
  • individual passenger transportation. Drivers find several passengers and charge about 2000-2500 drams per person; drivers can be found in  this chat.


  • by taxi you can get to the city in an hour, the price is about 4000 drams;
  • by buses No. 320, 457, 665, 669 you will get from Vanadzor bus station in an hour;
  • individual passenger transportation, the search scheme is — the same as from Yerevan.


  • by taxi the trip is 2 hours 10 minutes, the cost is about 13200 AMD;
  • by minibus No. 347 from Gyumri bus station (58 Shahumyan Street), it takes an hour and a half to get to the bus station in Vanadzor (price 800 AMD), from there by minibuses/minibusses No. 669, 320, 457, 665 to get to Dilijan in an hour. Keep in mind that at the Vanadzor bus station you will need to wait from half an hour to an hour for departure.  Read more here.
  • individual passenger transportation, the search scheme is — the same as from Yerevan.


  • by minibus Hayreniq Tour from Avlabari metro station, buses start departing from 09:00, and the last bus departs at 17:00, 5 buses go from Tbilisi to Dilijan during the day. The price is 60 lari, you can also pay in rubles - 1500 rubles by transfer to the Sberbank of Russia card in advance; you can find out more about the trip by numbers +374 43 305555, +995 593 229554, Telegram +374 95 362 020 , Viber +995 592 408800; it is also possible to order an individual transfer at any time, the price will be more expensive.


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