Accessible Dilijan

In this section we will indicate the places equipped for people with special needs. Unfortunately, there are few places in Armenia in general and Dilijan in particular where the service for inclusive people is thought out. One of these few places is Dilijazz Hotel and Restaurant and B&B Armenia. Some restaurants have ramps, but there aren’t any equipped toilets.

An inclusive tour designed specifically for people with hearing disabilities and deaf people

Accessible Dilijan is a joint product by #GotoDili and AR Trails. AR Trails is an app that will help you discover Dilijan from a new side. After downloading the AR-Trails application, you can choose one of the directions for traveling around Dilijan: a city tour, a hiking tour to the “Hidden Waterfall”, or visit a virtual information center where you can learn about various tourist routes around Dilijan.

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The project is being implemented with the support of the ՀՀ Զբոսաշրջության կոմիտե/Tourism Committee of RA․

The first trail in Armenia for people with limited mobility has been opened in Dilijan

On June 8, 2023, the first fully equipped trail in Armenia for people with disabilities was officially opened on the territory next to Lake Parz in Dilijan National Park. Now walks around Dilijan’s most picturesque lake are available to people in wheelchairs. The initiators of this important project, Eugenia and Astghik, the founders of Accessible Armenia.

The project is funded by the Innovative Tourism and Technology Development for Armenia (ITTD) program.

How the idea came about, why Lake Parz was chosen as the first destination and much more, read via the link.

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