The city center and the Soviet heritage

After Dilijan received the status of a resort city of republican subordination in 1958, an active improvement of the urban environment began. In addition to the recreational area, the main sight of which was the artificial lake, a new administrative center was also created. Administrative buildings were constructed in a modernist style, which was at the peak of popularity at that time (by the way, the Armenian architects of that time were distinguished by bold decisions and contributed not only to the Soviet but also to world architecture). It consisted of the Palace of Culture, the building of the city council of the Communist Party of Armenia, the communication house, the cinema, the city library, and the department store. The final chord of the administrative center was the monument to Lenin.

Unfortunately, now most of the buildings of the administrative center need careful reconstruction and modernization while maintaining their own, modernist style and the author's concepts. For instance, some buildings like the cinema building ceased to work for the purpose intended.

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