The Dilijan Training and Research Center of the Central Bank of Armenia. Innovations, development, and Armenian dram museum

Since 2013 the Dilijan Training and Research Center of the Central Bank of Armenia has been operating in Dilijan. This modern building in neo-futuristic style (architect Levon Khristaporyan) immediately catches your eye as you enter the city and takes us to a new Dilijan, which is open to innovations.

The opening of the center influenced economic and social activity in the city. It’s an institute equipped with innovative technological solutions, where regional and international conferences on economics and finance are held, and training programs for retraining personnel of the Central Bank of Armenia are carried out.

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The visitors of the city may be interested in the excursions to the Museum of Armenian Dram, housed in the Center, where you might get to know not only about the history of the Armenian currency but also about trade relations in the region.

Due to the transformation of the money presented in the exhibition hall, we can learn about important historical events, regional confrontations, political and economic changes in the country and the region in general.

The exposition presents valuable coins dating back to the IV century BC, coins of the era of Tigran the Great, the Artashesid dynasty, and other royal and princely dynasties of Armenia. Here you can find out what imagery the money of the First Republic of Armenia had, as well as reveal the meaning of the symbols on banknotes and coins of the modern Republic of Armenia.

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Part of the exposition is also foreign money, starting from the coins of the time of the conquests of Alexander the Great and ending with the money of the Arab Caliphate. The exposition also presents banknotes and bonds from the times of the Russian Empire and the USSR.

Numismatic lovers will appreciate the racks with commemorative coins issued by the Central Bank of Armenia and dedicated to significant political and cultural events in the country.

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