Pearls of Dilijan National Park. Lakes Parz and Gosh

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The lakes are fenced by the forests of the National Park. They startle the visitors with their impeccable simplicity. Lake Parz and Lake Gosh are both strikingly different in terms of physical characteristics and aesthetic appeal. That is why you should visit both of them!

The route to these lakes passes through fascinating hiking trails of moderate difficulty. The trail from Lake Parz to Lake Gosh is suitable for hardy and experienced hikers.

One can reach Lake Parz also by car, even though only off-road cars can make it to Lake Gosh, they can be rented on the spot. 

Lake Parz  

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Lake Parz (translated as “clear” or “transparent”) is a picturesque lake in a valley of dense mountain forests. The surroundings of the lake are perfect for family holidays. Here you can rent a catamaran or a boat, go ziplining or have a picnic in specially designated places.

Lake Parz is suitable for professional photo shoots. Especially in fall when the trees are painted in a bright palette of autumn and are reflected in the mirrored surface of the lake.

  • Lake Parz – high mountain lake. 

  • Origin – landslides. 

  • Length of basin – 300 m

  • Width – 100 m 

  • Average depth – 3 m (in some places reaches 10 m).

  • Elevation – 1334 m

On the way to the lake, you can meet representatives of the local fauna, such as squirrels, foxes, hedgehogs, forest cats, wild rabbits, etc. Near the lake, there is also a Red Deer Restoration Center.  

Lake Gosh

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From the sky, Lake Gosh resembles a crystal drop fallen among the dense forests of Dilijan National Park. It’s a tiny, crystal clear lake and the pleasant picturesque landscape of its surroundings is a real source of inspiration and peace.

  • Lake Gosh – high mountain lake.

  • Origin – landslides. 

  • Length – 100 m

  • Maximum Width – 80 m

  • Depth up to 8 m

  • Elevation — 1500 m

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The lake got its name from the same name village, which, in turn, was named after the outstanding Armenian medieval thinker Mkhitar Gosh.

The starting point of the route is Gosh village, and the landmark is the monastery of Goshavank. The main trail to the lake runs through a dense mountain forest.

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