Гора Димац

Mount Dimats: the natural wonder of Dilijan

Mount Dimats, located in the Tavush region in the north-east of Armenia, is a real paradise for travelers and nature lovers. What is special about this place? If you are looking for extreme adventures and magnificent landscapes, then you definitely need to visit Dimats. The peaks of the mountain are covered with green Alpine meadows, where bright flowers bloom, and the view from there will not leave even the most avid travelers indifferent!

Short description

Dimats is a mountain peak in the Tavush region of Armenia, in the southwestern part of the Ijevan Mountains, 5 km northwest of the village of Haghartsin. With a height of about 2378 meters above sea level, it rises above the surrounding forests and valleys. Dimats Mountain is visible from almost any point of Dilijan, and is also visible during hiking in the Dilijan Nature Reserve

This majestic natural landmark is famous for its unique nature, diverse flora, as well as impressive panoramic views of the surrounding mountains and valleys.

How to get

Гора Димац

The road to Dimats is not easy: you will find a real extreme with passes, depressions, roads near cliffs. It is necessary to go to the mountain in SUVs with a driver who knows the surroundings. #GotoDili has prepared an off-road tour on comfortable and equipped jeeps especially for you: an experienced guide and driver will arrange an unforgettable trip for you, as well as ensure your safety.

What awaits you during the tour

Гора Димац

The first part of the tour consists of stunning landscapes on the way to Dimac: these are green meadows and valleys with grazing cows and wild horses, similar to shots from TV commercials. In the nearest villages live shepherds who graze herds, and faithful Caucasian shepherd dogs, gampras, protect them from the attacks of wolves and jackals. On the way to Dimats we will stop: you will have the opportunity to see the waterfall Shagot hidden in the crevices of the rocky walls! The height of the waterfall is 46 meters, it is located east of Dimats. To enjoy this spectacular sight, you will need to walk - our guides will guide you and take beautiful photos for you along the way. Well, there is no need to talk about what kinds of views are waiting for you at the top. You need to see it with your own eyes. Dimats Mountain is periodically enveloped by smoky clouds and it feels like you are on an island floating in the sky. Sit back and enjoy the panorama opening in front of you and fragrant tea from Dilijan herbs brewed right on the spot!

Over the past year, Mount Dimats has become one of the most popular places to visit in Armenia: viewing photos and videos from this place, everyone wants to see this beauty with their own eyes. Well, entrusting the organization of your trip to #GotoDili, your trip will be exciting and as comfortable and safe as possible!

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