The monument to the heroes of the film "Mimino"

An excerpt from the film:

- Valik jan (dear Valik). If you just open the tap water in the kitchen, the water starts flowing. It ranks second in the world.

- And Yerevan ranks first, right?

- No, San Francisco does.

The author of the monument is Armenak Vardanyan.

The monument to the heroes of the cult Soviet film "Mimino", which was built near the artificial lake in 2011, is undoubtedly the most popular and photographed tourist attraction in the city. It is always crowded near the monument. At least we haven't seen it empty yet, except perhaps when the weather is bad.

Tourists take photos with bronze sculptures of the film's heroes and try Dilijan water, which was so praised by the hero of Frunzik Mkrtchyan, the good-natured truck driver Rubik Khachikyan "from sunny Dilijan".

The characters of Frunzik Mkrtchyan (Ruben Khachikyan), Valiko Mizandari (Vakhtang Kikabidze), and Ivan Volokhov (Evgeny Leonov) symbolize the friendship of three nations - Armenian, Georgian, and Russian. This bronze composition is not just a tribute to the legendary film, but also a symbol of sincere human relationships, which are far from political skirmishes and frays. Perhaps, that is why tourists are so fond of the film, the actors, and the sculpture.

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