"Drunken forest". An ideal hiking route for beginners

The "Drunken forest" is a great option for hikes and hikers. To get to the forest, you do not need to leave the city, since the Drunken forest is located right in Dilijan.

The hiking trail in the Drunken forest is ideal for beginners. However, this does not mean at all that the route will be boring even for experienced hikers. First, you’ll enjoy a wonderful view of Dilijan from here. Second, the Drunken forest is a mysterious monument of nature. The very name of this area suggests that this is an unusual forest area.

So why does this forest have such a provocative and memorable name? What’s so so phenomenal about this area?

The thing is that the pine trunks in this forest are twisted and bent to one side. These trees reminded the locals of a drunk man (hence, the name "drunken forest"). This phenomenon also has a scientific explanation. The trees in the forest are "drunk" as a result of landslides.

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