"Rotonda" and the new amphitheater

At the end of the XIX century, Dilijan residents at their own expense built a summer theater "Rotonda" in a picturesque corner of the city. In 1905, on the occasion of the 80th anniversary of the playwright Gabriel Sundukyan, his play “Pepo” was staged here for the first time, which was attended by famous figures of Armenian culture. Theatrical troupes of Tbilisi, Baku, and Alexandropol performed with tours in Dilijan. Unfortunately, in 1948 the summer theater was closed by the Department of Culture, but the tradition of holding concerts, literary readings, and other events in the “Rotonda” continued for a long time. Currently, the summer theater needs serious reconstruction.

In 2009, by the decision of the city authorities, an amphitheater was built in the center of Dilijan, which is a tribute to the cultural and theatrical traditions of the city.

It’s a small ensemble, which consists of an amphitheater, a sculpture of a girl with a jug in her hands, and a classical arch with columns, designed in the Greek style. Therefore, guests of the city are often unaware that this is a completely new amphitheater.

At present, various cultural and youth events are held in the amphitheater. One can get a wonderful view of Dilijan from here.

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