The monument dedicated to the 50th anniversary of Soviet Armenia

The authors of the monument are Seyran Avetisyan, Khoren Vatinyan, and Artur Tarkhanyan.

This monument can be surely considered the most recognizable monument of Dilijan, a distinctive symbol of the city. It’s visible from almost everywhere in Dilijan.

The monument was built in honor of the 50th anniversary of Soviet Armenia, in 1970. Each of the 5 parts symbolizes one decade. This monument can’t be described as outdated. The modernist style and minimalism, which is so trendy nowadays, give it a new symbolism and relevance. Now it is one of the main art objects of the city and fits seamlessly into the landscape.

It should be noted that Artur Tarkhanyan is considered to be one of the outstanding architects of Soviet Armenia and a world-famous representative of the modernist era. The most famous works of the architect are the old terminal of the "Zvartnots" airport, the Sports and Concert Complex after Karen Demirchyan, and the cinema "Russia".

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