TUMO Dilijan: A window into the world of innovation for children in the Tavush region

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In 2013 with the support of the Central Bank of Armenia, a branch of the TUMO Center for Creative Technologies was opened in Dilijan. The geographic expansion of a unique and innovative Armenian project started in Dilijan. It would soon stretch far beyond the borders of the county and become its real asset.

The educational program of TUMO Dilijan center includes all 14 main areas, such as programming, website development, robotics, 3D modeling, game development, graphic design, motion graphic, new media, music, writing, drawing, photography, animation, and film production. It provides teenagers with a unique space for creativity and development, equipped with the most modern facilities.

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TUMO Dilijan ecosystem is not limited to the center in Dilijan. Mobile TUMO Boxes operate in the cities of Berd, Gavar, and Sevan. The total number of students at TUMO Dilijan is over 1700 students.

According to Gevorg Tiraturyan, the Operations Director of TUMO in Dilijan, it is planned to open 5 more Boxes: "in the border village of Chambarak, Artsvaberd, Azatamut and 2 Boxes in Ijevan."

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“The TUMO Box project was launched to be close to all children, regardless of their location, so that they have access to basic technology education and innovations. After all, as you know, one of the most important components of our concept is to provide free innovative education to the children of Armenia. In our Boxes, students independently enroll in cycles of workshops, complete their studies and hone their professional skills here, in Dilijan,” he emphasizes.

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Thus, TUMO Dilijan is a window into the modern world of innovations and technologies for the children of the Tavush and Gegharkunik regions, a whole Armenian region. Children aged 12 to 18 receive a competitive education for the most in-demand digital professions.

Moreover, TUMO is a place for the development of creative and innovative thinking, making friends, and realizing daring ideas and fantasies. As Gevorg Tiraturyan notes, all these skills will help teenagers not only be open to the modern digital industry but also apply the acquired knowledge for the benefit of the development of their city or village.

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“In the modern world, all the spheres are moving towards digitalization. In this context, our students in the future should be able to apply their knowledge to the modernization of life in their hometown or village. For example, the main areas of life in the Tavush region are tourism and agriculture. In tourism, our graduates will be able to use competent SMM content (content-writing, content-management), while in agriculture the usage of smart systems and robots is necessary. It is also important to use technologies to ensure security in our border areas and to protect nature,” Gevorg Tiraturyan emphasizes.

Dilijan TUMO Center also hosts the annual TUMO Camp, public workshops, and master classes, as well as film screenings and film discussions for everyone.

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TUMO’s Background

The first TUMO Center for Creative Technologies was founded in Yerevan in 2011. TUMO was founded by Sam Simonyan and Sylva Simonyan. The CEO is Marie Lou Papazian.

Since 2013 TUMO has been expanding its geography in Armenia and Artsakh. Centers were opened in Dilijan, Gyumri, and Stepanakert. Since 2019 mobile TUMO Boxes have been installed in each center.

 In 2018 the TUMO concept came out into the arena of international. The first center opened in Paris, then TUMO schools started opening in other cities of the world, such as Beirut, Moscow, Tirana, Berlin, Kyiv, and Lyon.

TUMO draws attention not only for its relevance and high demand for the specializations offered but also for the special and unique approach to education, which was designed specifically for the center. TUMO puts its main emphasis on independence, freedom of movement around the center, a friendly atmosphere, creativity, and openness.

International recognition

  • First place in the ranking of innovative schools in the world according to the French magazine “We demain”. TUMO managed to outperform AltSchool in Silicon Valley, Kindergarten in Tokyo, and Steve Jobs School in the Netherlands.

  • TUMO was presented the "Implementation of the Digital Century" award at the World Congress on Information Technology (WCIT) Forum in Hyderabad, India.

  • TUMO received the 2019 Europa Nostra Award in Education, Training, and Outreach.

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