UWC Dilijan. An international school in the heart of Dilijan

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“We are all capable of more, we just need to see the potential in ourselves. And after that, we most likely will no longer be able to settle for less.”

Kurt Hahn, the founder of the UWC movement 

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In the heart of Dilijan, among the forested mountains, there is an international boarding school UWC Dilijan. This is the first school in the educational network of United World Colleges (UWC) in the South Caucasus and the post-Soviet area, it’s the 14th in the world.

Education at the school is conducted according to the high world standards of the IB Diploma program. The college diploma is recognized by the leading universities in the world.

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The official opening ceremony of the international school UWC Dilijan took place on October 11, 2014. At the solemn ceremony, one of the founders of the school, philanthropist Ruben Vardanyan said in his speech that such educational projects are “the main asset and guarantee of the competitiveness of any country.”

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“In addition, the opening of an international school in Dilijan will contribute to the creation of new jobs, the renewal of infrastructure, and the socio-economic development of Dilijan and the entire region,” Ruben Vardanyan stressed.

And he was right. After the opening of UWC Dilijan, the city gained a new, active, youthful, and creative life. This is also confirmed by the locals. Every year the most talented and gifted teenagers from almost all over the world “flock” to Dilijan. Every year the school also allocates places for teenagers from Armenia.

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“I was very impressed that there are no absolutely identical people at the school. Everybody is different. And the school taught me to accept it, to respect different opinions, not to be afraid of standing out, and to appreciate what I have. I have made good friends and established international relations,” a Dilijan resident and a graduate of UWC Dilijan, Ani Kharatyan shares her impressions.

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Education at the school is conducted in English. However, the college students also study the Armenian language, get acquainted with the Armenian culture, and integrate into the friendly Dilijan community, which in return contributes to fruitful cultural exchange. After all, the main motto of the UWC school is to make education a unifying factor between nations and cultures in the name of peace and a sustainable future.

According to the UWC concept, Дилижанская школа has three unique features:

  1. The education hub. UWC Dilijan serves as an educational cluster that promotes the dissemination of the most advanced approaches to education in Armenia.

  2. The resolution of conflicts. The geopolitical location of the school makes it an ideal platform for those who want to try their hand at conflict resolution and the defense of peace.

  3. The glocal approach (global+local). The college is trying to play an important role in global transformation by changing the local environment.

The total area of the educational complex is 69,000 m². The campus includes the main school building, sports and medical centers, a football field, volleyball, basketball and tennis courts, student dormitories, a multifunctional center, and other buildings.

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UWC Dilijan School is a joint project of entrepreneurs and philanthropists Ruben Vardanyan and Veronica Zonabend and of their partners, in particular, representatives of the IDeA Foundation.

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