VereV Rope Park: the longest rope park in Armenia

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For outdoor enthusiasts and adventurers (of all ages!) as well as ecotourism enthusiasts, Dilijan has a pleasant surprise. Since VereV Rope Park is the longest rope park in Armenia.

VereV is located in a forested area and can be a great option for an exciting pastime in Dilijan, not outside it. 

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“VereV is a unique rope park in a beautiful grove that offers exciting rope routes for people of all ages. The rope course has five levels of difficulty, overcoming which, you will gradually begin to conquer your fears. Rope courses with a total length of 485 meters include 46 obstacles and two 6-meter climbing walls. Overcoming obstacles at a height of 3 to 10 meters is a completely new kind of entertainment. The park staff will provide climbing equipment and qualified guidelines, and specially trained employees will oversee the entire process of overcoming the route,” says Impulse Management Marketing Director Shogik Tadevosyan.

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The rope park VereV (translated as “up”) was founded in 2020 and, together with the Tourist Information Center (TIC), is the most important link in the ecosystem of the Dilijan city park.

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“The park is a new model of social entrepreneurship and is aimed at preserving public green spaces while creating a modern recreational area,” notes Shogik Tadevosyan.

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The implementation of such projects is part of a broader program of sustainable development of the city, which in the long run pursues a specific and quite clear goal, which is the transformation of Dilijan into a center of culture, education, healthcare, and tourism.

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