Aghavnavank. In the lap of majestic nature of the Tavush region

  • Population – 337 people
  • Distance from Dilijan – 26 km
  • Elevation – 1 100 m
  • The climate is temperate, mild
  • Average temperature:
    • in summer + 19 C
    • in winter -3 C
  • Date of foundation - 1950

Aghavnavank is a village in the Tavush region, located on both sides of the Getik River. It’s a tiny but incredibly picturesque village, characterized by a contrasting mountain landscape. Aghavnavank is surrounded by majestic rocks and mountain ranges on almost all sides.

The medieval church of Aghavnavank, ancient khachkars, and other historical and cultural monuments testify that Armenians settled in this area about 900 years ago, even before the Mongol invasions.


To date, one of the main recreational attractions of Aghavnavank is the Yew Grove. Here you can feel at one with the majestic, contrasting, but at the same time picturesque and soft nature of the Dilijan National Park.

Through the Yew Grove, there is a route to the XII century medieval temple, Aghavnavank. This is yet another architectural, historical, and cultural landmark of the Tavush region hidden in the forest thicket.


The main branches of agriculture and employment:

  • animal breeding,
  • cultivation of grain crops,
  • potato cultivation,
  • growing feed crops.

Two km northeast of the village Anapat, the domed monastery of the XI-XII centuries is situated, and 10 km to the north are the ruins of a medieval settlement of Aghavnut belonging to the XIV-XVII centuries.

What to see?

  • The Yew Grove
  • Aghavnavank Monastery
  • “Dilvados” Guest House

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