Hovk. The gateway to heaven

  • Population – 435 people
  • Distance from Dilijan – 25 km
  • Elevation – 1 190 m
  • The climate is temperate, mild
  • Average temperature:
    • in summer +20 С
    • in winter -2 С
  • Date of foundation unknown
  • Dated mention by toponym Hovk – 1991

Hovk is a small village in the Tavush region, it is 25 km from Dilijan and 12 km from the regional capital, the city of Ijevan. Hovk is the highest mountain village of the Dilijan community, located at an altitude of 1,190 m above sea level. Locals call this place the “gateway to heaven” since here you can literally touch the clouds.


The village is located on the slopes of linear rocks, the height of which is about 2,500 m. Due to this fact, this area is more contrasting in comparison with other villages of the Dilijan community.


The first record of the toponym “Hovk” takes us back to the summer residence of the Arshakuni dynasty, which, according to some sources, was located on the territory of modern Dilijan. Then the territory of the Dilijan community was part of the Ayrarat region of Great Armenia.


The main branches of agriculture and employment:

  • animal breeding
  • vegeculture (beans, corn, onions)
  • tobacco growing

Not far from the village there are the ruins of the Akhchkaberd fortress (maiden fortress) and the Mantash fortress from the era of the Bagratuni dynasty.


Near the village, along the road leading to Ijevan, there is also an artificial lake Kari.

What to see?

  • Hovk rocks
  • Akhchkaberd fortress
  • Mantash fortress
  • Lake Kari

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