Dilijan in winter: where to go and what to try?

Despite the fact that Armenia is small, it is very different. In the northeast of the country, just two hours away from Yerevan, there is a "green oasis" called Dilijan, where the winter season resembles a real fairy tale. Dilijan is surrounded by a forest where evergreen trees grow. In winter, snow covers the Dilijan mountains and the monasteries and authentic houses hidden in them - the city is ready to welcome guests who come for a New Year's atmosphere.

A walk through the "Old Dilijan"

The "Old Dilijan", the historical part of the city, is especially beautiful against the background of snow. Dress warmly, grab a glass of warm drink from Cafe #2 and stroll through the streets with carved balconies. The Old Dilijan complex, located on Sharambeyan Street, was recreated in the style of the XIX century. Workshops, an art gallery, a museum, and souvenir shops are concentrated here.


Visit to the Museum of Folk Art and Art Gallery

A five-minute walk from the "Old Dilijan" is the main museum of the city with an interesting ethnographic hall and a large art gallery. There you can learn the history of the city and its surroundings from time immemorial, as well as get acquainted with an impressive collection of paintings by such great artists as Aivazovsky, Saryan, Khanjyan, Minas, Shishkin, as well as some Italian authors.


Visit to Lake Parz

If the weather permits, dress warmly, take a thermos of tea/coffee and head towards Lake Parz. To see the lake in the snow season is a unique experience: the water surface reflects the snow-covered coniferous trees that surround it around the perimeter. Take a walk through the winter forest. Lake Parz, through which there are many hiking trails, is located in Dilijan National Park.

Visit the cultural attractions of Haghartsin and Goshavank

In winter, medieval monasteries are especially charming. In the warm season, monasteries are surrounded by greenery, and in snowy winter, coniferous forests are covered with a thick white cap. We invite you to visit two stunning temple complexes, which were the cultural and educational centers of Medieval Armenia.

The white-stone monastery of Haghartsin greets us from afar. Because of the shade of the stone and the snowy mountains around it, it looks like a castle from historical blockbusters. The temple complex, located 18 km from Dilijan, has a long and eventful history. It was founded in the IX-XI centuries by Armenian kings from the Bagratid dynasty - Haghartsin was a summer residence. By the way, two rulers from this dynasty, Smbat and Gagik, are buried on the territory of the temple - their names are engraved on the tombstones of the tombs.

The location of the Goshavank monastery, built in the XII-XIII centuries, is very interesting. It is located 10 km from Dilijan in the small picturesque village of Gosh. It was founded by the greatest thinker of the Middle Ages, Mkhitar Ghosh, whose grave is located near the monastery, and a chapel was built on it. He was assisted in the construction by the Armenian Prince Ivan of the Zakarian family.

Unique bas-reliefs and khachkars have been preserved in Haghartsin and Goshavank, striking the imagination with their finest carvings and beauty.

Warm up by the fireplace in an authentic restaurant

You can warm up by the fireplace and eat delicious dishes after walking in Toon Armeni and Im Toon restaurants.

The Toon Armeni Guest House's restaurant offers breakfast, lunch, main dishes and pastries. All dishes are prepared according to homemade recipes and with special, "grandmother's" care. The interior of the restaurant is designed in an authentic but minimalistic style with folk elements.


Im Toon is a hotel and restaurant serving Armenian and international cuisine. The place resembles an elegant mansion with a first-class menu, exquisite design and musical accompaniment.


Try the local wine and Dilijan cocktail "Winter HOVQ"

We admit that sometimes to really warm up, you don't need hot tea at all, but a glass of good wine or an alcoholic cocktail. Especially if this wine is Armenian. Especially if this cocktail is from Dilijan.


You will be welcomed as dear guests at The Kliver bar. You will be offered to taste wines produced in small editions and by family wineries. There are about 100 positions of Armenian wines, as well as foreign ones, several positions of whiskey and gin. The Kliver bar also serves the most wintry drink - hot mulled wine, which even the most frozen guests will enjoy. For a snack, you can try an interesting collection of imported cheeses.


Another great place for wine lovers is Hovaz Wine Rooms. There you can drink wine in a pleasant atmosphere and learn about the history and traditions of Armenian winemaking, as well as take part in the production of sparkling wine - a tasting room was created specifically for this purpose. By the way, it has already become one of the favorite spots for tourists.


You have the opportunity to taste the winter Dilijan with the exclusive cocktail "winter HOVQ". It reflects all the shades, emotions, memories, tastes and smells that are associated with Dilijan.

Dilijan is beautiful at any time of the year! There, every season, guests of the city can find something to do and spend an unforgettable time. In winter, these are filled with a special New Year's atmosphere. Entrust the organization of your vacation in Dilijan to our #GoToDili team, and your weekend will turn into a real winter fairy tale. You can book places for existing excursions and tours or book an individual one - everything is at your discretion. Together with us, you will visit all of the above places and explore the still unexplored facets of this small and beautiful city.

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