Dilijan Restaurants

Flying Ostrich by Dolmama: a suburb in the city center

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Flying Ostrich Restaurant is a Dilijan branch of the well–known Dolmama, located on Sayat Nova Street. Stone houses with tiled roofs, surrounded by wooded mountains, create the feeling of a fairy tale in any season. Visitors note that the spirit of Dolmama is really felt here – high-class national dishes with a European accent, polite staff. A picturesque veranda and a spacious courtyard allow the owners to accommodate a large number of guests. The restaurant is ideal for celebrating memorable dates, weddings and other events. The interior of Flying Ostrich is decorated in an old style: to some it resembles country, to others vintage, and someone calls it simply "suburban". The menu of the restaurant is quite varied – from baked vegetables and trout to baklava with ice cream. However, the crown dish, as you can guess from the name, is an ostrich steak: it is necessary to try it here. The restaurant also has a fairly large assortment of alcoholic drinks for every taste.

Takhta: Armenian authenticity according to European standards


On Ordzhonikidze Street there is a small oasis in the mountains – a modern stylish Dilijani Tun hotel. If you are looking for a really atmospheric place – you definitely need to come here. Takhta Restaurant is located here, where visitors can enjoy eating outdoors surrounded by a green garden with an outdoor fireplace, an authentic interior, as well as a varied menu. From 9 am to 11 am, you can enjoy a rich buffet with breakfast for every taste, and for lunch and dinner you can choose Armenian national, Mediterranean or European dishes. The menu is suitable for both vegans and meat lovers. We also advise the guests of the restaurant to try fish – the freshest trout with vegetables is served here. We will also note the excellent wine list – an integral part of a romantic evening. The restaurant is an ideal place to come to work – there is good Internet and excellent coffee. Takhta is a place where you can recharge surrounded by nature with high–class service, and, of course, get a dose of aesthetic pleasure.

Traveler's hut: a cozy corner in the city center (make yourself at home)

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In the city center, near the bus station on Maxim Gorky Street, there is an unusual place, which is a cafe and leisure center Traveler's hut ("Traveler's House"). The name for this place was chosen for a reason – it is the best place for travelers in Dilijan, where they offer various services for those who like to explore the city and nature. The cozy interior and polite staff create a sense of home comfort. Every day from 9 am to 10 pm you can taste pastries, pizza, breakfasts, lunches and drinks, there are also variations of herbal teas from the Tavush region. Traveler's hut organizes weeks of cuisine from different regions and countries: Tavush, French, Mexican and others. You can order delivery of any item from the menu, as well as catering or chefs for your event. There is also a "Book Cafe" in Traveler's hut, where you can not only drink coffee and eat delicious food, but also replenish the shared bookshelf, exchange books and discuss them in pleasant company.

The Spot: branded coffee and delicious sweets


Looking for a place where you can taste a wide variety of types of coffee? Then The Spot is exactly for you. Here you will find specialty coffee (this is a kind of the highest grade, the highest quality coffee): espresso, Americano, flat white, cappuccino, latte and others. Coffee is especially good accompanied by delicious desserts prepared by the talented Haikui Minasyan. The list of desserts is very extensive: carrot cake, cinnabon, honey cake, sea buckthorn cheesecake, vegan chocolate bar with fried hazelnuts and much more – a real paradise for sweet tooth. The cafe opened not so long ago, in December last year, but has already become a favorite among visitors. Aikui loves her work very much and puts her whole soul into the preparation of desserts. You can also order desserts for your event from her.

The Kliver: #1 wine bar in Dilijan


Where can you find the best wine collection in Dilijan and relax after working days? Of course, at The Kliver Bar & Wine shop. The wine bar was opened in October last year by relocants Daria and Eugene. They were imbued with the history of winemaking in Armenia, which is more than 6,100 years old! In the bar you will find wine for every taste and according to individual requests – the bar and wine shop are regularly replenished not only with Armenian, but also imported wines. As a wine accompaniment, a good collection of imported cheeses and meat (ham, prosciutto) is served here. The Kliver Bar & Wine shop organizes meetings with winemakers who will tell you everything about this wonderful industry – from production to the wine label. And, of course, the most pleasant part of the evening awaits you here – a tasting with wine snacks. Don't forget to make pre–registration!

Hovaz Wine Rooms: light, elegant, attractive

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Another great place for wine lovers is on Komissarov Street. A cozy place where you can enjoy Armenian wines with meat and cheese snacks. The production of Hovaz wines is inspired by a historical event – the return to Armenia of the Caucasian leopard, listed in the Red Book (in Armenian "ovaz" means "leopard"). 

"2018 coincided with the return of the Armenian leopard to the Khosrov Forest and the revival of wine in Armenia," says Varduhi Tonoyan, co–founder of Hovaz Wine Rooms. Then the founders had the idea to create a wine tasting room where locals and tourists can come and drink Armenian wine and get acquainted with the history and traditions of Armenian winemaking. Thus, the Hovaz Wine Rooms tasting room was created in Dilijan, which has already become one of the favorite tourist spots. 

"You can't drink wine in a bad mood and alone. You need to drink wine when you are in a good mood and there is a person with whom you can share this wine," Vardui notes. Soon, in the tasting room, guests will be able to take part in the wine production process. We are waiting very much!

Arm Food Lab / Caffeine Coffee Roasters: experimental studio-kitchen in Dilijan

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In June 2019, a unique Arm Food Lab space opened in Dilijan. This is a gastronomic initiative, the purpose of which is to study the edible part of the nature of Armenia and Artsakh, traditional cooking techniques and food culture in general. The experimental cuisine uses only local, seasonal and fresh products, the combination of which allows you to reveal the whole range of shades of Armenian products and its gastronomic prospects. Founder Ani Harutyunyan has set a goal to make modern Armenian cuisine noticeable on the gastronomic map of the world, because she believes that Armenian national cuisine with its uniqueness will be able to take its place in the world of gastronomy.The studio-kitchen functions as a research and educational platform on weekdays, and as an experimental restaurant on weekends. The Caffeine Coffee Roasters laboratory also operates within the Arm Food Lab. The raw materials for making coffee are purchased from the best plantations in the world and roasted directly in the laboratory using delicate technologies that allow preserving the whole range of flavors and aromas in the beans. Be sure to try it!

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