HOVQ is an exclusive cocktail that has absorbed the tastes, aromas and emotions of Dilijan

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Limoncello, calvados, tequila – all these drinks are associated, first of all, with certain places, being real brands of entire countries and regions. So why can't a picturesque city like Dilijan have its own drink? A drink that will help you find yourself in a mountain forest, enjoying the soft, morning coolness, crystal silence and the aromas of specific herbs?

The #GotoDili team also asked this question. And we got the answer in the form of a new alcoholic cocktail HOVQ.

Dilijan is a mountain recreation area, an interesting city that just needs its own drink. And so, we decided to make a cocktail that will be associated with Dilijan: it tells the guests about the city, its traditions and nature.

We were looking for the taste of the HOVQ cocktail in the Dilijan mountains: authentic Dilvados distillate, VOGIS gin and the ancient Armenian drink Balasan. All these ingredients were not chosen by chance: the Tavush region is famous for the traditions of making fruit vodkas, and Balasan was considered as a healing drink of the Armenian kings. Balasan contains 54 types of herbs that are carefully harvested throughout Armenia according to the lunar calendar. Recipes and descriptions of this drink are stored in the Matenadaran – the Institute of Ancient Manuscripts of Armenia.

The Dilijan atmosphere is conveyed not only with taste and aroma, but also with the original serving of the drink. And the first thing that catches your eye is an exclusive stand in the form of the most famous monument of the city. The top of the cocktail is complemented by black sesame and a mint leaf. Black sesame symbolizes the difficult 90s, when Dilijan forests suffered due to deforestation - people literally had to survive, since firewood was the only source of heating in harsh winters.

Very soon you will have the opportunity to taste Dilijan! The HOVQ cocktail will go on sale this Autumn. There are 5 types of cocktail. In addition to the Classic, there are 4 more versions related to the seasons: Autumn, Winter, Spring and Summer. Each of them is unique, but at the same time reflects all the shades, emotions, memories, tastes, smells that are associated with Dilijan. Among such a variety of tastes, everyone will find something for themselves by creating their own personal association with Dilijan.


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