Lake Parz: the pearl of Dilijan

The magnificent nature and ancient monasteries make Dilijan one of the most exciting places to travel. In this article we will go to the north-east of Armenia, where at an altitude of about 1400 meters in the Dilijan Nature Reserve hides a miracle of nature, the pearl of Dilijan and Tavush - Lake Parz, which got its name due to its transparency (“parz” translates as “clear” from Armenian ). This is the largest lake in Dilijan: the total length is 385 meters, the width is about 85 meters, and the depth is more than 5 meters. Lake Parz has a landslide origin. The lake, surrounded by a forest, creates a feeling of isolation from the hustle and bustle of the city and full immersion in nature. The water in Lake Parz is from pure mountain springs.

Lake Parz is beautiful at any time of the year. In summer, you can relax here from the heat, because of the cold currents and dense trees surrounding the lake. Lake Parz is famous for its appearance: the mirror surface fully reflects the colors of the surrounding forest; in summer and spring - shades of green, in autumn - red and gold, and in snowy winter - a special beauty in blue and white.

Since the lake consists of spring waters, there are mountain springs and mineral springs next to it, originating from majestic rocks. Lake Parz is home to fish, which can be easily seen because of the clear water, as well as various types of amphibians. In the reserve, on the territory of which the lake is located, there are also forest dwellers: bears, squirrels, hedgehogs, forest seals, rabbits, wild goats, foxes and wolves.

How to get to the lake

To get to the lake from Yerevan, you need to drive northeast towards Dilijan along the M4 highway. The journey will take less than two hours. Lake Parz is located 14 km from Dilijan (20-25 minutes by car/bus). Follow the signs for AH83/M4 and Parz Lich Rd.

What to do

Lake Parz is one of the main attractions of Dilijan of natural origin. This is a favorite vacation spot for  locals and guests of Armenia. For hiking enthusiasts, there are trails leading deep into the Dilijan National Park near the lake. Over time, the lake's infrastructure has developed and everyone will find something to their liking - from active entertainment to quiet ones for adults and families with children.

Here you will find an abundance of cozy guest houses and charming restaurants that create an atmosphere of peace and tranquility. There is a rope park next to the lake, where you can climb the tracks and overcome obstacles. The entrance to the park is accessible to adults and children. 

A particularly exciting type of pastime on the lake is the zipline. Unlike other ziplines in Armenia, here you ride not over a mountain precipice, but over the water surface - an unusual feeling!

There is a cafe where you can eat or drink coffee. Swimming in the lake is prohibited, but you can rent a boat or catamaran to enjoy the surrounding views. There is a special playground where parents can leave their child while they walk and relax.

On the shore of the lake there are cozy gazebos for those who like to relax, have a picnic, as well as special barbecue areas where you can cook a barbecue and have fun with a large company.

Attractions near the lake

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The train to the lake can be combined with a visit to cultural attractions: hiking along the route from Lake Parz to the medieval monastery complex Goshavank. The route will be remembered by immersion in pristine nature, as well as a stunning view of the monastery from a height at the end of the route. The best guides along the route for you will be guides from #GotoDili, who will not just arrange hiking along the trails, but also show and tell about medieval monuments hidden in the forests and much more. 22 km from the lake there is another stunning religious building of the Middle Ages – Haghartsin, which will amaze you with its white stone architecture and history. On the territory of Dilijan National Park, located 3 km from Lake Parz, a nursery for breeding red deer is being established. You can feed the deer yourself - especially children will like it. Animals grew up with people, so they willingly make contact and are not afraid of people at all. You can get to the Red Deer Breeding Center on the way to Lake Parz. If you're lucky, you can see deer in the wild on the way to the nursery.

If you are looking for a place for relaxation and quality rest in Armenia, Lake Parz and its surroundings should definitely be included in your list. This place will conquer you with its mysterious beauty, picturesque views, as well as a variety of entertainment.

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