Russian-Armenian phrasebook: your travel assistant

Russian Russian is spoken by a large part of the population in Armenia, but there are situations when knowledge of the language is simply necessary, given the presence of Armenians in the country who do not come from the USSR and do not know Russian. Of course, coming from a trip and showing off the knowledge of a couple of local words in front of friends is a special pleasure. We have prepared for you a list of the most necessary phrases in Armenian that will make your trip even more comfortable and help you integrate into the local environment.

Phrases for greeting and saying goodbye

Hello - Barev dzez, voghjuyn

Hi - Barev (less official)

Good morning - Bari aravot

Good afternoon - Bari or

Good evening - Bari ereko

Good night - Bari gisher

Good luck (goodbye) - Hajoghutyun

See you soon - Tstesutyun (more official)

Let’s meet again - Minch nor handipum

Phrases of gratitude and compliments

Thank you - Shnorhakalutyun, merci (spoken version)

Please - Khndrem

You’re welcome - Charzhе́

An apology phrase

Excuse me/ I’m sorry - Neroghutyun, knerе́k

Phrases for expressing agreement and disagreement

Yes - Ayo, ha (spoken version)

No - Voch, che (spoken version)

I don’t know - Chgitem

Phrases for a short dialogue/small talk

My name is… - Im anunn e…

What is your name? - Vonts e dzer (kо) anune?

What are you doing? - Inch es(ek) anum?

What do you want? - Inch es(ek) uzum?

I want… - Es uzum em…

I need… - Indz petk e…

You are very beautiful - Duk (du) shat sirun ek(es)

Phrases about language skills

Do you speak Russian? - Duk khosum ek ruseren?

Do you speak English? - Duk khosum ek angleren?

I don’t speak Armenian - Es chem khosum hayeren

I understand you - Es dzez haskanum em

I don’t understand you - Es dzez chem haskanum

Shopping Phrases

Shop - Khanut

Product - Aprank

How much does it cost? - Sa inch arzhe?

It’s expensive for me - Sa tang e indz hamar

Is there anything cheaper? - Ka aveli ezhan mi ban?

Can I pay with a card? - Karogh em kartov vcharel?

Can I pay in cash? - Karogh em kankhik vcharel?

I want to buy - Es uzum em gnel

I want to order - Es uzum em patvirel


Bread - Hats

Water - Jur

Vegetables - Banjareghen

Meat - Mis

Products - Mterk

Grocery store - Mterki khanut

Dairy products - Katnamterk

Can I have a menu? - Kareli e menu?

What dish would you recommend? - Inch utelik khorhurd ktak?

A cup of coffee, please - Mi bazhak kofe, khndrum em

It’s delicious - Shat hamov e


One - Мэк

Two - Yerku

Three - Yerek

Four - Chors

Five - Hing

Six - Vets

Seven - Yot

Eight - Oot

Nine - Inne

Ten - Tas


Where is …? - Vor tegh e…?

Street - Poghots

House number - Tun

Airport - Odanavakayan

Where is the toilet? - Vor tegh e zugarane?

Where is there a drinking water fountain? - Vor tegh ka pulpulak?

Seasons and weather

Spring - Garun

Summer - Amar

Autumn - Ashun

Winter - Dzmer

Hot - Shog e

Cold - Tsurt e

Warm - Tag e

Phrases for emergencies

I need help - Indz petk e ognutyun

Help - Ognetsek

Call for help/Call an ambulance - Kanchek shtapognutyun

Call the police - Kanchek vostikanutyun

Bonus: a list of 11 untranslatable Armenian phrases


Literal translation


Tsavd tanem

I'll take away your pain

Expression of love and/or sympathy

Mernem janid, srtit, etc

I will die for your body, heart, etc.

An expression of love

Dzerk arnel

Buy a hand

To mock, to ridicule

Grogh tani

Let the writer take it away

Get lost

Im arev, mores arev, hores arev

My sun, mom's sun, dad's sun

I swear

Achked luys

Light to your eyes


Koranam es

Let me go blind


Votk kakh ktsel

Dangle your leg

Stay late

Kti maz

Nose hair

A meticulous person



Weigh the pros and cons

Viz dnel

To put the neck

Show perseverance, maximum effort

We have such an extensive list. We hope that this will help you get only positive emotions from traveling in beautiful Armenia and, of course, in our beloved Dilijan. See you soon - minch nor andipum!

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