Souvenirs for memory: unusual gift ideas from Dilijan

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Souvenirs from trips are a pleasant tradition that helps to mentally return to the sensations during travel again and again. We are used to the fact that a souvenir from a trip is most often a magnet or a postcard, but there are many alternative and, most importantly, original options. Below we will list the places in Dilijan where you can choose the best gift according to your budget and preferences.

Nrani Gift Shop – products made of wood, ceramics, leather, as well as jewelry

Behind the famous Mimino statue in the center of Dilijan there is a souvenir shop Nrani, where you can buy original products made of wood, ceramics and leather. All this is handmade by the spouses Mikaela and Hasmik. "Mikael's business card is bags, purses and other accessories made of genuine leather with Armenian ornaments; his brand is presented under the name Mi Kashi. Hasmik specializes in the making of brass and silver jewelry under the Helga Jewelry brand.

Buduart – the beauty of Dilijan landscapes reflected in art


Behind the walls of an old 19th-century house on Myasnikyan Street there is a studio-workshop, which was founded by a married couple, artists Arman Badeyan and Margarita Malkhasyan. Here visitors can discover their creative potential in a pleasant atmosphere: learn how to hand-paint on fabric, linocut and make jewelry from copper. Guests can take all their creations home as souvenirs. In Buduart you can buy various accessories, jewelry and paintings that reflect the natural beauty of Dilijan.

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Bojo Jewelry – jewelry made of natural stones and silver

On Sharambeyan Street (entrance from Myasnikyan Street) there is another shop selling precious and semi-precious mineral stones, jewelry souvenirs and jewelry. The owner of the store is businessman Artak Bojikyan. In the workshop, where anyone can make a gift personally, Artak conducts master classes on laser engraving on wood, painting on jewelry, brooches, magnets, etc.

Dilijan community center – soft handmade dolls made by Dilijan children

As part of the Dilijan Community Center, which serves as a platform for arts and crafts, children make wonderful handmade dolls. Each of them has its own unique story written by the children of Dilijan. By purchasing a doll as a souvenir, you will support the activities of the community center.

Armenecoop – canvas bags with a unique print

A small business of creating canvas bags, pencil cases, aprons, etc. was opened by Arthur and Aida Kazaryan, a married couple from Dilijan. Their products have already attracted several large international clients and organizations. In addition to their business, Artur and Aida contribute to supporting the economic development of the Tavush region and create platforms where young people and women can develop their own business ideas. Armenecoop is located at the 3rd lane, 21 Hakobjanyan Street.

Wood Carving – souvenirs made of wood

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The Wood Carving workshop of Grigor Hovsepyan, who has been engaged in wood carving for 25 years, is located on the old street of masters in the Tufenkian Old Dilijan hotel complex. All the carving is done manually, this process can take from half an hour to a year – depending on the amount and complexity. Grigor uses mainly wild pear and walnut wood in his works. Also in the workshop you can buy some of his artful products: khachkars, carved letters, etc.

Gogchyan Pottery workshop – handmade ceramics


In the Tufenkian Old Dilijan hotel complex there is another studio-workshop on ceramics, where Arsen Gogchyan works. It can be recognized by the plate "Ceramist". Arsen creates ceramic products – mainly tableware/crockery, but there are also small souvenirs in the form of bells with Armenian letters and magnets.

Souvenirs from GoToDili


Our project has prepared a special limited collection of souvenirs, which includes a canvas bag, a hat, a hoodie, mugs and thermoses. Each piece is decorated with a stylish print with elements of our branding. In addition, the collection includes a bright sticker pack that reveals the cultural code of the city: stickers with images of mountains, forests and, of course, the heroes of the cult film "Mimino".
Where to buy: Visit Dilijan Tourist Information Center.
Address: Maxim Gorky str., 15/2

Edible souvenirs

Wine, tea and honey made from local natural products will be a great gift for yourself and for your family and friends from a trip to Dilijan.

The Kliver Bar – a bottle of Armenian wine

Wine is a classic that will always be appreciated. You can find a great option at The Kliver Bar on Kalinin Street, 234. Here is a carefully selected collection of local wines – TUS, Voskevaz, Tushpa, Gevorkian, Alluria. A cavist will always help you choose the perfect bottle of white, red or pink.

Darman Herbal Tea

Herbal tea from the Tavush region, where Dilijan is located, has a unique taste and aroma inherent in the ecosystem of this region. This is one of the most ecologically clean regions of Armenia, where tea grows on mountain slopes up to 2000 meters high. In Dilijan you can buy such tea, produced under the brand Darman. It is distinguished by the production technology that preserves the organic properties of the product. Herbal tea contains a large amount of vitamins and trace elements and will be a great gift.

You can buy it at the Tourist Center and at the Traveler's House.

The address of the Tourist Center: Maxim Gorky str., 15/2
The address of the Traveler's House: Maxim Gorky str., 46

Honey, dried fruits, oils and herbal tea Mayan

On Sharambeyan Street, 1 (the same place where Bojo Jewelry is located), you can buy dried fruits, honey, herbal teas and oils, which are produced under the Mayan brand. The products have a completely natural origin. Armen Gulinyan's family, which owns a farm in the village of Tehut (a few kilometers northeast of Dilijan), is engaged in their production. Arman, along with his wife and daughter, take care of the beehives, collect and produce natural honey and oils. Several times during the season they climb the mountains, collect herbs and make tea from them.

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