Café #2. A city cafe in the heart of the city

Café #2 is not just an ambient place where you can have a delicious meal and enjoy a stunning view of the artificial lake. This is an authentic city cafe that will tell you about Dilijan and its inhabitants.

In a short period, Café #2 has become one of the most trendy places in the city. It is distinguished by drive, youthful atmosphere, and creativity. The place is also ideal for freelancers.

It is also the first social cafe in Dilijan, which is aimed at employing local teenagers and youth.

“All the cafe employees are Dilijan teenagers of 14 to 18 years old. We organize themed events, discussions, meetings, and film screenings here together with other educational organizations, such as UWC Dilijan, TUMO, and secondary schools,” says Ruzanna Vardanyan, the Café #2 SMM specialist.

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