Carahunge Café and More. Following the footsteps of the Armenian Stonehenge

History, art, and cuisine have merged into a single whole in the Dilijan restaurant Carahunge Café and More. Modern service and a creative, purely Dilijan atmosphere are intertwined with the aesthetics and history of one of the most ancient and mysterious sights of Armenia, Carahunge (or the Armenian Stonehenge).

The menu includes dishes of Armenian and international cuisine, from spas and harissa to salads, pizzas, fish dishes, and chips made from local ishkhan fish. On the second floor, there is a library with more than a hundred books in different languages, as well as a shop of exclusive handmade souvenirs.

Pay attention not only to the interior but also to the details. Here everything, even the dishes are made exclusively for the restaurant, which is taking to the beauty of Carahunge.

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