Sovats Vozni cafe & garden. In the company of a hedgehog

A small family cafe Sovats Vozni (translated as “a hungry hedgehog”) is another warm and cozy place in Dilijan. It is an open-air veranda and fully merges with the forests of the city. 

The menu offers a wide variety of dishes of Armenian, European, Chinese, and Thai cuisine. 

According to Arpine, one of the founders of the cafe, the hedgehog is open to everything new and interesting, so the emphasis is laid on delicious dishes without any national reference. However, the characteristics of Dilijan are surely taken into account. The cafe also has a bar with a wide range of drinks.

“This is our family project, and we’ve put our soul into it. It has a cozy atmosphere, which is expressed both in design and every detail. On weekends we play songs on the guitar by the fire, we often organize concerts,”  Arpine notes.

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