Toon Armeni Guest house. Home comfort and functionality

Toon Armeni Guest house is a family-run guest house and restaurant that grabs you with a warm and sincere atmosphere from the very first seconds.

At present, the Toon Armeni ecosystem consists of a guest house, a restaurant, a conference room, and a co-working space. According to Svetlana Ananyan, Toon Armeni project manager, the range of services will continue to expand. The IDea Foundation, which owns the guest house since 2015, aims at transforming it into a conceptual, atmospheric, and functional micro-city.

“At the same time, we will maintain our concept, which we call ‘grandma’s house’. Toon Armeni is a place where you feel like you are at your grandmother's in the countryside. Our guest house is very warm and homey. Our chefs know what you prefer for breakfast. We have found the golden mean between quality service and human, warm relationships. But at the same time, we emphasize functionality, by creating all the conditions for coworking, conferences, and good rest,” she notes.

The Toon Armeni restaurant menu offers breakfasts, lunches, main courses, and pastries. Everything is cooked in a home-style and with a special, “grandma's” care.

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